Different Types Of Phone Chargers


Cellphones have become one of the most important gadget in this era. Millions of people own at least one cellphone. There are also thousands of people who own multiple cellphones. Some even trade their cellphones every time a new model is released. And aside from the cellphone, there are also a lot of phone accessories available in the market to maximize the efficiency of cellphones. Among these are the headset, casing and phone charger. Out of these, iphone charger can be considered the most important accessory as it refuels the battery to keep the cellphone working.

It is not only the cellphones which have thousands of models available in the market but also the phone chargers. There are a lot of different types of phone chargers used for the cellphones. And here are the common types of phone chargers.

1.Car charger - This is basically an outlet inside the car which can charge the cellphone. This has been available for a couple of decades already. Car charger can virtually charge almost all kinds of cellphones. Newer cars are compatible with smart phones and some can even allow multiple charging at the same time.

2.Docking charger - Docking charger is basically an equipment with a USB outlet that can be used for charging cellphones. Speakers can be used as docking chargers. A more popular example of docking charger is the computer. The computer has multiple USB outlets which all can be used to charge the cellphone and other gadgets.

3.Emergency charger - Emergency charger is a cellphone charger which is portable like a portable battery pack. In other words, the charger can be carried anywhere and can be used to charge the cellphone anytime. The basic emergency charger uses regular batteries to resupply the power on the cellphone. A newer type of emergency charger is used today known as power bank. A power bank is an emergency charger which do not rely on regular batteries but instead is a rechargeable equipment which can store electricity from the outlet.
4.Green charger - With so many controversies in global warming, green charger is manufactured to reduce the use of electricity or fuel. Green chargers utilize other types of energy to convert into electricity. One common energy used by green chargers is the solar power or the sunlight. Another is mechanical energy. This works by connecting the green charger into a bicycle.

5.Wall charger - Still the most common type of phone charger available today is wall charger. All phones have default wall chargers included during purchase which can charge the cellphone through a connection from the wall outlet.

You can use any of these phone chargers depending on your circumstance.